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IP Satellite Systems - iDirect Service Plans

Premium Plus

*Rated Upload Speeds (Kbps)

128 or 512 256 384 512 768
*Rated Download Speeds (Kbps)

1024 or 2000



Monthly Cost $249.00/mo + $250/day
Fixed Dish Size 1.2, 1.8
1.2, 1.8
1.2, 1.8
1.2, 1.8
1.2, 1.8
Term 12 mo
12 mo
12 mo
12 mo
12 mo
IP Address 1-5
*Rated speeds are "rated up to" speeds and are not guaranteed. Guaranteed (dedicated) bandwidth is available upon request. Please check with an IP Satellite Systems sales engineer for details.
Static public IP Addresses:
1 provided at no charge on all service levels, four (4) extra available for $50/mo.
Applications and CIR

Mobilsat ISP service is designed to provide access to the public Internet, primarily for web browsing and email. Certain applications like VoIP, teleconferencing and streaming media are designed to use a constant amount of bandwidth. As a result, they consume more network resources than normal Internet access. By purchasing a minimum CIR (Committed Information Rate) in addition to the standard bandwidth, you will insure the highest quality when using these applications. Regular or excessive use of these applications without CIR is a violation of the IP Satellite Systems Subscriber Agreement and may result in additional charges. CIR is $5/per Kbps.

CIR examples:
G729 VoIP Calls - 14K CIR
  G723 VoIP Calls - 10K CIR
Vonage - 80K CIR
Determined by application
Determined by application
**Flex Services Description

Flex service provides a hot stand-by connection that is always available for use at a lower data rate, but can be turned up to a higher bandwidth with an email or fax to our Technical Assistance Center. Customer is responsible for notifying Mobil Satellite in writing to return the service to basic Lifeline status. TAC service available 8AM - 9PM Seven days a week. All new subscriptions activated at 12 month contract terms with pricing subject to change. Dynamic IP is standard, a single static IP address is available at no extra charge at time of order. CIR is extra, all bandwidth is shared, actual speed will vary based on network load.



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