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3 Networks = more choices
Each satellite network below has it's own service plans, performance, and required hardware.


Finally, High-Speed service for all users. Enjoy 15 Mbps downstream!

This service is brought to you by ViaSat-1, awarded as the world's highest capacity satellite. Exceed service is 4 X faster than average DSL, and makes an excellent choice for fixed satellite Internet service.

Monthly Rates for Exede Service Plans..

IP Satellite Systems

IP Satellite Systems owns and operates it's own robust private satellite network. This network is used by our government and professional customers who require a very high quality, high-availability satellite connection.


The centerpiece of this service is our Intelsat satellite bandwidth. Intelsat is the world’s largest commercial satellite communications services provider. Originally formed as International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (INTELSAT).

In 1969 when NASA put a man on the moon..... the world watched it happen via Intelsat.


Monthly Rates for IPSatellite Systems Intelsat powered Service Plans..


HughesNet's (formerly known as DIRECWAY) new Spaceway Ka band service is ideally suited to meet the needs of fixed multi-location and enterprise customers.


With seven different Business Class Internet service plans to choose from, as well as a unique Private Network service where all branches are connected to each other and HQ in a "mesh" configuration that eliminates expensive hub equipment and landline connections


Monthly Rates for HughesNet Service Plans..

Note - For Mobile, Transportable, or Flyaway Internet solutions please visit our sister company: Mobil Satellite Technologies -
Mobile satellite Internet antennas and broadband satellite Internet
Mobile satellite technologies broadband satellite Internet

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