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The SkyEdge satellite platform is a high quality 99.7% Network Availability satellite network. Powered by Gilat networks, the Mobil Satellite SkyEdge platform offers an affordable, low latency, high performance satellite solution for government, business, and consumer customers.


SkyEdge satellite Internet modem


The heart of the platform is the SkyEdge satellite modem. This compact design router features:

  • High performance broadband IP VSAT

  • Embedded TCP & HTTP acceleration

  • Embedded VPN acceleration

  • QoS support for all traffic, enabling prioritization and fairness

  • Supports wide range of IP applications such as Internet/Intranet, transactional traffic,

  • VoIP, IP multicast, video conferencing

Front view of SkyEdge satellite broadband modem

SkyEdge IP Pro satellite modem front view

SkyEdge IP Pro satellite modem rear view

Rear view of SkyEdge broadband satellite modem

Voice performance: SkyEdge™ leverages Gilat’s market leadership in VSAT telephony (> 90% marketshare) to deliver unmatched native voice and VoIP quality. SkyEdge offers voice prioritization and managed VoIP capabilities.


VPN acceleration: SkyEdge provides accelerated Cisco VPN at the IDU without PC-based software.


Security: SkyEdge uses AES/Rijndael 128-bit symmetric block cipher (optional inbound and outbound). Most security experts consider DES a “compromised” and obsolete encryption algorithm.


Built-in QoS and support for DiffServ: SkyEdge supports end-to-end QoS including DiffServ packet tagging for full interoperability with MPLS networks.


Network efficiency: SkyEdge offers efficient space segment utilization.


Superior upstream access scheme: SkyEdge uses Gilat FTDMA (Frequency and Time Division Multiple Access) access scheme. This technology distributes VSATs across a broad range of frequencies as well as time slots, so network-sizing maintenance is reduced significantly.


Mesh and multi-star network architecture support: SkyEdge Pro offers mesh/multi-star topologies (critical for peer-to-peer voice).


Standards support: SkyEdge is certified as DVB-RCS.

SkyEdge™ delivers advanced IP services supporting a wide range of applications including Internet, VoIP, digital signage, video conferencing, data access and VPNs. It is the perfect answer for IP services and customers of all types, including large enterprises, small & medium businesses, SOHO and residential users. SkyEdge™ provides speed, quality, and superior support for all web and bandwidth intensive applications while enabling prioritization and fairness.


All SkyEdge™ VSATs are built to last, with well tested components. In order to further ensure network availability, the SkyEdge IP can provide automatic failover via a serial interface to a dial backup modem.


SkyEdge™ is the satellite solution for Internet access, incorporating embedded functionality for better performance and simpler operations. Embedded TCP and HTTP acceleration technologies provide high-speed connectivity and heightened user experience. Embedded VPN capabilities offer the same high quality for private networks. Embedded encryption guarantees secure business communications.


End-to-end QoS, vital for running a cost effective IP network, is simple with the flexible bandwidth access features. Managing bandwidth on a per user or per application basis, SkyEdge™ provides tiered services, access to bandwidth and enables CIR guarantees. Network availability is further maintained through adaptive inbound coding, which provides additional rain fade management.


For operational efficiency, SkyEdge™ has a Web interface that improves remote maintenance of VSATs. Firmware, including all embedded functionality, is easily managed, fully controlled and updated from the central NMS.


IP Satellite Systems SkyEdge™ Service Plans

There are two grades of IP Satellite Systems SkyEdge™ service: Broadband and Performance.

Broadband service plans are a very robust service, and you will typically see at least 40% to 50% of the rated "up to"speed of the connection at all times.

Performance service is the most robust SkyEdge™ platform available. Designed for mission critical needs, typical speeds will be 75% to 80% of the rated "up to" speeds.

For a complete list of all available IP Satellite Systems SkyEdge™ service plans Click Here

Coverage Area

See the IP Satellite Systems SkyEdge satellite coverage area by Clicking Here

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