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Intelsat broadband teleport

Intelsat broadband
iDirect Technologies Infinity 3100 iDirect 3100 satellite router

This is our top of the line satellite Internet service, delivered via our own robust private satellite network that we moniitor and control 24 hours every day.


This enterprise-class two way satellite broadband network is based on award-wining iDirect Technologies hardware and Intelsat satellite bandwidth.


Click Here for information about award-winning iDirect hardware


  • Satellite Voice over IP
  • Satellite VPN
  • Videoconferencing by satellite
  • Technical support and satellite engineering services


Shared Satellite Service Plans

The network offers shared satellite service plans with speeds ranging from a minimal 64Kbps x 64Kbps to a robust 768Kbps x 2056Kbps. These satellite service plans are perfect for most single-location, web surfing, VPN, and email applications.


Click Here to see all IP Satellite shared service plans


Dedicated Satellite Services

Dedicated (1:1) satellite services are available for purchase by the day, by the week, or by the monthmonth. Dedicated services are good for video streaming and other high-usage satellite applications.


Please contact an IP Satellite Sales Engineer for information on these high-capacity, high bandwidth service plans, or Submit an online Request for Information.


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