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Connect all your business locations simply and securely.

The recent launch of Hughes’ new state-of-the-art SPACEWAY™ 3 satellite enables Hughes to offer easy-to-deploy, cost-effective private networking capabilities to the small to medium business (SMB) market.


By installing a small satellite dish and router at each of your locations, you have the security and performance of a private network dedicated to your business at a price that is less than that of terrestrial alternatives, such as MPLS and Internet-based-VPN solutions.

View the available HughesNet Private Networks service plans HERE

Unique Capabilities

Branch-to-Branch/Any-to-Any Connectivity

SPACEWAY 3 uses on-board routing technology to enable branch-to-branch/dish-to-dish connectivity. Each location, with its own small satellite terminal, is directly connected to all other branches via a single satellite hop for superior performance. This “mesh” any-to-any connectivity eliminates the need for an expensive central hub or network operations infrastructure, as well as landline connections. HughesNet lets you build an easy-to-deploy private network that doesn’t touch the Internet.

SPACEWAY 3 sends data and allocates bandwidth when and where the business needs it.


SPACEWAY 3 provides a unique bandwidth-on-demand capability designed to support Constant Bit Rate (CBR) applications such as voice, videoconferencing, and new high-definition telepresence applications for true “life-like” face-to-face meetings, which eliminate expensive business travel. Pay only for the bandwidth you use, when and where you need it, either on a flat monthly or usage basis.

Class of Service (CoS)

HughesNet provides multilevel prioritization, so you can prioritize your business applications for the best performance possible, end-to-end, across the network.

HughesNet offers up to four levels of application priority.

  • Mission-critical applications can be set to high priority to ensure whatever applications require the highest priority get through all the time, no matter what other traffic is present.
  • To support high-quality videoconferencing applications such as telepresence applications, HughesNet supports a CBR setting when jitter and dropped packets cannot be tolerated.
  • Typical Web surfing, e-mail, and intranet traffic can run at the normal priority, bandwidth-efficient setting.
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) traffic can be set at low volume/low latency to ensure this revenue-generating traffic always gets through in the most efficient manner possible.

Private Network Plans

HughesNet Private Networks provide you the utmost in flexibility. You choose a D-Plan on a per-site basis, depending on the data needs of that site. Plans are designated by upstream speed and can either be provisioned as burstable or dedicated bandwidth. Burstable plans are typically ideal for branch locations where headquarters may require dedicated bandwidth to support more traffic volume. All plans can receive downstream up to 8 Mbps.


With speeds up to 2 Mbps upstream and 8 Mbps downstream, your options are virtually unlimited. Be it transaction processing, Internet, intranet, video, voice, or all of the above—you can have the plan to support it!


As your business grows, HughesNet can grow with you. Need more bandwidth? Just upgrade your plan. It is as simple as that.


Internet Access Plans

Your branch locations may need access to the Internet, but you don’t want the Internet traffic to clog up your private network. Hughes can provide separate access to the Internet, overlaid on top of the core private network D-Plans.


Now it is easy to add Business Internet (BI Plans) to any site that needs it without impacting your core private network. You size your corporate network accordingly and off-load your Internet traffic. This improves performance and reduces your costs.

For added flexibility, Hughes also offers firewall options to ensure your locations are going only to the sites you deem necessary. PCI-compliant architectures are also offered.

On-Demand Constant Bit Rate Plans

Hughes has developed on-demand Constant Bit Rate (CBR) plans to support high-quality voice and video applications such as security video and telepresence applications. You pay only for the bandwidth where and when you need it! The CBR plans offer both scheduled or on-demand provisioning to best meet your business requirements.


Just like the Internet Access Plans (BI), CBR plans overlay on top of the existing core D-plans and are additive both in speed and pricing.


Hughes’ innovative approach to taking standard plans and customizing a solution for your business provides you the flexibility you need to future-proof your network. HughesNet grows as your business grows.

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