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Hughesnet satellite Internet Satellite Internet by HughesNet Hughesnet HN9000 satellite modem

Next-generation satellite system with spot-beam technology for point-to-point and high-capacity communications


Hughesnet (formerly DiRECWAY) is one of the oldest and largest satellite companies in the world, with more than 1.5 million systems ordered and shipped to customers in over 100 countries


HughesNet offers two types of Ka band spot beam broadband services:


Hughesnet satellite Internet Business Internet


The HughesNet Business Internet platform offers users a selection of new business-class broadband satellite Internet service plans specifically tailored to small and medium sized businesses.


For more information about Hughesnet Business Internet services please Click Here.

HughesNet satellite broadband Private Networks


Designed specially for Enterprise or Multi-location commercial customers, the HughesNet Private networks service offers many flexible design configurations, including point-to-point and dedicated satellite connectivity.

HughesNet Private Networks offers flexible design configurations, so that each location’s unique bandwidth requirements can be met. HughesNet service plans include speeds of up to 1 Mbps upstream and 8 Mbps downstream.
Click Here for more information on HughesNet Private Network services


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