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IP Satellite Systems uses three seperate satellite networks to offer a diversity of satellite Internet service options that meet the unique needs of each satellite Internet customer. This choice of satellite networks insures the right combination of features and value for any customer requirement or application.

iDirect satellite Internet
IP Satellite Systems Solutions

In 2006, IP Satellite Systems constructed a very robust private satellite network to provide high-quality satellite communications services to State and Federal Agencies whose needs were not met using other commercially available satellite services. This private satellite network is based on award winning iDirect hub and remote equipment, coupled with bandwidth from Intelsat, the worlds largest and most technologically advanced satellite operator.


This broadband satellite network is currently in use by the FBI, US Navy, US Army, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, and hundreds of other government and commercial customers who require high quality, high-availability satellite connectivity.


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SkyEdge satellite Internet
SkyEdge Solutions

SkyEdge is designed for corporate offices, retail stores, restaurants, financial institutions, healthcare organizations, and other fixed locations requiring multi-seat high-quality broadband data.

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Hughesnet satellite Internet solutions
HughesNet Solutions

HughesNet's (formerly known as DIRECWAY) new Spaceway Ka band service is ideally suited to meet the needs of fixed multi-location and enterprise customers.


HughesNet offers seven different Business Internet service plans to choose from, as well as a unique Private Network service where all branches are connected to each other and HQ in a "mesh" configuration that eliminates expensive hub equipment and landline connections.


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mobile satellite Internet by Mobil Satellite technologies
Note - For Mobile, Transportable, or Flyaway Internet solutions please visit our sister company: Mobil Satellite Technologies -
Mobil satellite Technologies

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