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VPN and Satellite Internet were just not designed to work together.

Satellites in a geosynchronous (GEO) earth orbit maintain their positions at about 22,400 miles above the earth. Even at speeds approaching the speed of light, there is a propogation delay (measured in milliseconds) as data travels up to the satellite and back down to earth. These unavoidable end-to-end delays range from between 550ms-650ms for the iDirect based Mobilsat Enterprise ISP network, and 700ms-900ms for the HughesNet network.

This higher-than-expected latency inherent in geo-synchronous satellite connections presents a significant obstacle to virtual private network (VPN) connections over satellite.

The most common type of VPN is an IPSec VPN , either 3DES or AES. Unfortunately, IPSec VPNs have the most problems when used over satellite. Running an IPSec VPN over a satellite connection will result in a loss of 40% to 70% of the available throughput of the connection. Many of today’s latency sensitive applications fail in a satellite VPN enviornment for this reason.


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Fortunately, there is an excellent solution.


Encore Networks VPNBandit 2 satellite VPN appliance


Encore Networks Bandit II is the ideal solution for satellite VPN because it provides RoHS, 3DES/AES256, HIPPA compliant data encryption at the application layer without affecting the performance or throughput of your internet connection.


Get more information on the Encore Networks VPN appliances Here

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