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SkyEdge satellite Internet hardware


SkyEdge systems require antenna sizes between .75 and 1.8 meters.


SkyEdge satellite Internet antenna SkyEdge VSAT system with solar power Non-penetrating-roof-mount

SkyEdge services are powered by the SkyEdge IP satellite modem. The SkyEdge IP incorporates embedded new technologies, including acceleration, VPN, QoS, high inbound bit rates, improved access scheme and modulations resulting in maximum efficiency and performance.

The SkyEdge™ IP VSAT offers a two-way satellite-based solution for all of your business locations. With DVB standards and extensive IP capabilities, the platform is ideal for businesses of any size requiring extremely fast downstream and upstream throughput for multimedia applications, large file delivery and extremely rapid access to the Web.

SkyEdge IP satellite Internet modem

Modem Specs:

  • RF Input/Output: Two F connectors, 75 Ω female
  • Data Interface: Ethernet 100BaseT, RS-232
  • Operating Voltage: 100-240V AC or 12V DC
  • Power consumption: Less than 20W
  • Size: 180mm x 190mm x 54mm

Environmental Conditions:

  • Operating Temperature: -5 to +50 C (optional -40 to +60 C)
  • Storage Temperature: -40 to +70 C
    Relative Humidity: Up to 90%
Front of SkyEdge IP satellite modem
Gilat satellite Internet modem
Rear of SkyEdge IP satellite modem

Outdoor Unit

Antenna size (typical):
Ku-Band: 0.55 m to 1.2 m C-Band: 1.8 m
Operating Temperature: -40 to +60 C
Humidity: Up to 100%
Transmitter ODU: 1W, 2W or 4W Ku-band, 2W,5W C or Ext C band
LNB: Standard TVRO type





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