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HN9000 Satellite Modem HN9500 Satellite Modem

Download the HughesNet HN9000 Product PDF Here Download the HughesNet HN9500 Product PDF Here
The HughesNet HN9000 modem is designed to deliver higher speeds and improved performance for all HughesNet service plans. The HN9000 receives and transmits data over the satellite through the HughesNet network. The HN9000 is compatible with Windows© and Macintosh© operating systems, and connects effortlessly with your computer via simple Ethernet connection.
  The HN9500 is Hughes’ high-performance broadband router designed to deliver a wide range of HughesNet services to large enterprises, small-to-medium businesses, and government agencies in North America utilizing the unique SPACEWAY 3 “switch-in-the-sky” satellite system. SPACEWAY 3 is the world’s first commercial satellite system offering true mesh, single-hop connectivity among multiple sites.
Physical Interfaces:    

10/100BaseT Ethernet LAN RJ-45 ports-2


10/100BaseT Ethernet LAN RJ-45 ports -2, V.90 modem with RJ-11 interface

Mechanical and Environmental Specifications
Weight (IDU): 1.6 lbs (.726 kg)
Dimensions (IDU): 8.05” H x 1.55” W x 8.95” D
(20.4 cm H x 3.9 cm W x 22.7 cm D)
  Dimensions (IDU): 9.25” H x 1.69” W x 10.38” D
(23.49 cm H x 4.29 cm W x 26.36 cm D)
(with pedestal): 9.62” H x 4.38” W x 11.00” D
(24.43 cm H x 11.12 cm W x 27.94 cm D)
Operating temperature:
IDU: +5° C to +40° C
ODU: -30° C to +55° C
  IDU: +5° C to +40° C
ODU: -30° C to +55° C
Input Power:
48V; 13.5V (external AC/DC supply required)   90–140 Vac; 57–63 Hz

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