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Fixed satellite Internet hardware is divided into five basic components:


1. Antenna (reflector)
2. BUC (Block Up Converter - or transmitter)
3. LNB (Low Noise Blocker - or receiver)
4. Modem (indoor equipment)
5. Mounting hardware (physical attachment of the antenna)


The exact satellite hardware required for each location is determined by:

A. The satellite network (iDirect, SkyEdge, or HughesNet)
B. The selected service plan
C. The geographical location in relation to the coverage area of the selected satellite.


Generally speaking, the more throughput that is needed, the larger the required antenna and BUC size that will be.


  • Mobilsat iDirect service plans generally require a .75 to a 1.2 meter antenna with a 3Watt to 25Watt Ku Band BUC
  • HughesNet requres a .98 to 1.2 meter antenna with a 2Watt to a 4Watt Ka band BUC
  • SkyEdge service plans require a .75 to 1.2 meter antenna with a 2Watt to 4Watt Ku Band BUC


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