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In 1997, the principals of IP Satellite Systems started Mobil Satellite Technologies, a leading provider of mobile and portable broadband satellite Internet services. By providing quality hardware, excellent installation services, and commercial-grade broadband Internet services, Mobil Satellite Technologies has grown from startup to become an industry leading VSAT satellite service provider.

Mobil Satellite Technologies currently provides mobile and portable VSAT hardware and service to hundreds of Federal, State, County and Municipal mobile command centers, oil & gas exploration teams, mobile medical, and humanitarian missions.

In 2005, IP Satellite Systems was formed to more closely serve customers who need reliable satellite voice and data service at fixed (non-mobile) locations. We specialize in fast nationwide installations regardless of the location.

At IP Satellite Systems, our biggest asset is our experienced team of satellite professionals, who currently provide excellent, commercial-grade satellite data and voice service to over a thousand VSAT users with an average uptime of 99.8%.

With a nationwide network of insured, experienced installation technicians and a 7 day per week trained and certified technical support staff, at IP Satellite Systems you will find the expertise and dedication needed for a successful VSAT installation and vendor relationship.

IP Satellite Systems is privately held, debt free and is headquartered in Chesapeake, VA.



Note - For Mobile, Transportable, or Flyaway Internet solutions please visit our sister company: Mobil Satellite Technologies -

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